Saturday, May 26, 2012

Narendra Modi vs KeshuBhai Patel

In photo : Current CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi vs KeshuBhai Patel the former CM

As the Gujarat state assembly election 2012 is coming near, the political fraternity is gearing up to play their games. Amongst them is former Gujarat CM Keshu bhai patel who was the first BJP chief minister in the state.
Few days back Keshu bhai patel made a comment that People in the state are living under the threat of Narendra modi. Specially PATELS. Everyone including PATEL youngsters on social media were seen loling at the ridiculous comment made by the veteran BJP leader. His political career is almost over.

He had made same comments in the previous assembly election as well and that time too anti modi and media were so excited to find difficulties for modi. But Modi knew what to do. He won with majority votes on his own. People who know the ground details about the gujarat politics, know it that Modi need not fear keshu bapa. And yesterday only when Sanjay joshi had to resign, entire nation saw the kind of power modi holds in entire BJP. Narendra modi does not need BJP. BJP needs Narendra modi. At least in Gujarat. !!!


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