Monday, August 6, 2012

'Gujarat Parivartan Party' launched by Keshu bhai patel

Screen shot from NDTVwebsite
As expected , Keshu bhai patel has launched his own political party named "Gujarat Parivartan Party". He is liked to get support from VHP, Some former BJP leaders who had worked with him. It is also expected that the former Home minister of Gujarat, Mr Gordhan Zadafiya will merger his MJP with Keshu bhai's Gujarat Parivartan party. We may see Keshu bhai patel as CM candidate of GPP and his members contesting all 182 assembly seats in upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections 2012. If you check the results of previous elections , no third front here has ever succeeded in winning the vidhan sabha poll. But as they politics is unpredictable. Aage aage dekhiye hota hai kya !!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Keshu bhai patel leaves BJP to form new party

Yes. Finally the senior BJP leader who helped BJP grow in Gujarat and was its first chief minister, has decided to fight against Current Gujarat CM Narendra modi in upcoming Gujarat Assembly election 2012 which is schedule to take place in last quarter of the year.

During last assembly elections in 2007 also he had raised hand against narendra modi and invited patels to join hands to fight the government run by BJP CM narendra modi but later on he left the movement and lost the trust of people who supported him. But now as the countdown has begun for gujarat elections, he started contacting BJP @ Centre to complaint about how autocratic modi is and how he treats the BJP karyakarta. But his efforts did not yield him any benefit and finally he has decided to leave the party and form his own front. With this action of him the Narendra modi vs Keshubhai patel fight has reached to new heights.

Earlier the rumours were doing rounds in political arena that Keshu bhai may join MJP of Gordhan Zadafiya , another anti modi BJP rebel who left the party way back. However The senior leader chose to form his own party seeing the not so significant  achievements of MJP. There are also rumours acoording to which, Keshu bhai was in talks with team anna.

It will be interesting to see now , how much effect the Keshu bhai patel will have on the results of Gujarat assembly election 2012. How many seats he can win ? Will he be able to do 'Satta Parivartan' at gandhinagar ? Only Time will say.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Narendra Modi vs KeshuBhai Patel

In photo : Current CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi vs KeshuBhai Patel the former CM

As the Gujarat state assembly election 2012 is coming near, the political fraternity is gearing up to play their games. Amongst them is former Gujarat CM Keshu bhai patel who was the first BJP chief minister in the state.
Few days back Keshu bhai patel made a comment that People in the state are living under the threat of Narendra modi. Specially PATELS. Everyone including PATEL youngsters on social media were seen loling at the ridiculous comment made by the veteran BJP leader. His political career is almost over.

He had made same comments in the previous assembly election as well and that time too anti modi and media were so excited to find difficulties for modi. But Modi knew what to do. He won with majority votes on his own. People who know the ground details about the gujarat politics, know it that Modi need not fear keshu bapa. And yesterday only when Sanjay joshi had to resign, entire nation saw the kind of power modi holds in entire BJP. Narendra modi does not need BJP. BJP needs Narendra modi. At least in Gujarat. !!!

Samajwadi party eying Gujarat state elections

In photo : Father son duo of Samajwadi Party. Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

After the roaring success in Uttar Pradesh assembly election, Now Samajwadi party is eying to contest various upcoming state assembly elections in the country. Gujarat state which is ruled by The Narendra Modi of BJP is also going for vidhan sabha chunav in the last quarter of the year 2012. The Samajwadi party had contest in 2007 Gujarat assembly poll but could not win single seat. But this time the party is enthu about winning some constituencies where there is presence of migrants of uttar pradesh.

The samajwadi party recently had ran a campaign in gujarat to get karyakartas for upcoming assembly election.
Seeing the positive response, now they are marching ahead and about to announce their intention to fight election in Gujarat. The father son duo as well as Azam khan is expected to visit Ahmedabad on 7th july 2012.

Will they create problem for BJP and Congress ?
Not BJP. But may me threat to congress for minority votes.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gujarat Assembly election updates

Gujarat assembly election will take place in 2012.

Gujarat elections will be one of the most crucial elections of india as BJP's future prime miniter candidate Narendra Modi has been ruling the state of Gujarat for past 9 years.

BJP high command brought modi in place of Keshu bhai patel immidietly after Keshubhai patel the former CM of gujarat was charged with corruption allegations in providing shelter to earthquake victims in kutch after the Gujarat earthquake 2001.

Narendra modi became the CM of Gujarat without fighting any elections. He had not fought even college level elections in his career. Later on he went on to win Gujarat Assembly elections 2002 and 2007.

Results of Upcoming gujarat assembly election will have impact on Loksabha election 2014

It was speculated that Narendra modi could lose 2007 gujarat assembly election due to no support from kathivadi people from saurashtra due to his rivalry with kathiyavadi former cm Keshu bhai patel. But people voted for modi because of development. And Narendra modi won the gujarat vidhan sabha election 2007 with great 2/3 majority.

In recently held municipal elections and panchayat elections in gujarat, BJP , led by modi won everywhere also where Congress used to win earlier.

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