Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gujarat Assembly election updates

Gujarat assembly election will take place in 2012.

Gujarat elections will be one of the most crucial elections of india as BJP's future prime miniter candidate Narendra Modi has been ruling the state of Gujarat for past 9 years.

BJP high command brought modi in place of Keshu bhai patel immidietly after Keshubhai patel the former CM of gujarat was charged with corruption allegations in providing shelter to earthquake victims in kutch after the Gujarat earthquake 2001.

Narendra modi became the CM of Gujarat without fighting any elections. He had not fought even college level elections in his career. Later on he went on to win Gujarat Assembly elections 2002 and 2007.

Results of Upcoming gujarat assembly election will have impact on Loksabha election 2014

It was speculated that Narendra modi could lose 2007 gujarat assembly election due to no support from kathivadi people from saurashtra due to his rivalry with kathiyavadi former cm Keshu bhai patel. But people voted for modi because of development. And Narendra modi won the gujarat vidhan sabha election 2007 with great 2/3 majority.

In recently held municipal elections and panchayat elections in gujarat, BJP , led by modi won everywhere also where Congress used to win earlier.

We have create this blog website to provide you all updates and news about upcoming Gujarat assembly election 2012.


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